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Teaching Lean to Your Team

Teaching Lean concepts is a responsibility of the Lean leader.

It’s the job of the Lean leader to develop his or her team. Unfortunately, with all the demands on today’s managers and professionals, developing top-flight training materials on your own is out of the question.

Don’t put off teaching Lean to your employees any longer. Use our resources to create the skilled employees you need to succeed.

Our Best Options

Lean Training Presentations from Velaction

We offer easy to use Lean training packages on PowerPoint. Many have additional resources available‚ÄĒstudent guides, leader guides, DVDs.

Lean Exercises and Kits from Velaction

Teaching Lean concepts is most effective when students can practice the lessons. Our Lean exercises and kits let you get your trainees engaged.

Our Better Options

Lean Terms

Give your trainees the resources they need. Print out the Lean terms in our Lean Encyclopedia as part of your training packages.

Our Good Options

The Continuous Improvement Companion Online

When you are building outstanding training, you’ll undoubtedly need to do lots of research. Unless someone else has done it for you. Use the CIC as your definitive online Lean reference guide.

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