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Takt Time (Audio Term & Part 2)

Continuous Improvement Audio Terms

  1. Get a thorough understanding of your demand. This includes deciding whether you want to break products into groups or families, and whether there are any patterns to customer purchases. Most of this work will be done by the team that handles product management functions, but in the absence of support, floor supervisors should look at the data themselves. Make sure to use ordering data and not production data. Actual builds rates likely flattened out the peaks and valleys.
  2. Collect accurate cycle times and compare them to the takt. Confusion in this step comes from two main sources. The first is that a poor process has excessive variation. The second is that there are dissimilar models in production on the same line. This makes takt time analysis extremely difficult.
  3. Make a continuous improvement plan to balance cycle times to the takt time. This may take kaizen projects, or changes to staffing.

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Takt Time Calculator

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