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Student Guide Corporate License

This page contains a current version of the corporate license for our student guides. It is for reference only. The license contained at the end of the student guide you purchase takes precedent over this one.

You can see the version attached to the student guide before you buy by downloading the sample.

Student Guide Corporate License

1. This material is licensed only. No ownership of content is transferred.

2. The purchaser may only use this training material within a single corporate reporting entity. This includes, but is not limited to, reporting divisions or subsidiaries of larger organizations. A good rule of thumb is that one license is required for each president in the organization.

3. This training material may be modified to suit the needs of the purchaser. The original training material or its derivative works may not, however, be sold or otherwise distributed outside the purchasing company.

4. This license may not be transferred.

5. This presentation is intended for use by a single organization to train its own employees, or people with whom they regularly do business, such as members of its supply chain or other vendors.

a) It is not intended for third-party training, such as, but not limited to, training conducted by consultants or corporate trainers.

b) The material in this presentation or its derivative works may not be sold by any party except Velaction, LLC.

c) No compensation may be received for the use of the material for training purposes or for any other reasons.

6. If any part of this license is not enforceable, the other provisions remain intact.

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