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Training Module Overview From Our 34 Class Collection

Standard Work is one of the bread and butter concepts of Lean. Basically, Standard Work is a very specialized form of standardization that balances a precise sequence of work for a single operator to a takt time. And that sequence, by default, also defines the amount of standard work-in-process that will be present at any given time.

Effective Standard Work has a tremendous impact on quality, delivery, cost, safety, and morale, making it one of the broadest reaching tool in the Lean toolkit. It also acts as an amplifier for many of the other tools and principles. Kanban, andon, flow, poka yokes, and many others are all made more effective when they are building off the stable platform that Standard Work provides.

Standard Work also powers the plan-do-check-act cycle. Taiichi Ohno once said that “Without standards, there can be no kaizen.” Standard Work prevents the backsliding that prevents continuous progress with the improvement cycle.

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Standard Work Overview Lean Training on PowerPoint


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  • Number of Slides: 37
  • Revision Date: 12/14/2011
  • Format: PowerPoint 2010
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Standard Work Overview Lean Training on DVD


Standard Work Overview Lean Training Video (Individual License)

Standard Work Overview Lean Training Video (Corporate License)




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Regular Price: $9.99

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  • Format: DVD (NTSC-North America)
  • Presented By: Jeff Hajek
  • Running Time: 42 minutes
  • Revision Date: Jan 4, 2012
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Lean about the basics of Standard Work with our Lean Training on DVD. Take our outstanding Standard Work PowerPoint package, and record it with a high quality soundtrack, and you get a highly useful training tool to add to your kit. Use it as a leader’s guide to gain insight on presenting the subtle points of the Standard Work PowerPoint class, or play it for your team as a stand-alone training option.

You can even use it to improve your own skills. Regardless of your Lean experience, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up some ideas to add to your knowledge base.

Add in the free content (forms and PDF terms), and this DVD gets even more valuable.

  • Format: MP4
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  • Format: MP4
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  • License: Corporate
  • Presented By: Jeff Hajek
  • Running Time: 42 minutes
  • Revision Date: Jan 4, 2012
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Our corporate licenses for the videos in our Lean Training System open up new opportunities for companies that want more extensive access to multimedia content than DVDs can provide.

This format allows a reporting unit of a company to post a copy of this video on its network to allow people throughout the organization to view it. It is licensed to a single ‘reporting unit’ of the company named in the ‘Ship To’ address of the sales receipt. As a rule of thumb, this normally means one license per president (i.e. holding companies, conglomerates, multi-nationals, etc. will need a license for each separate unit.) Standard corporate licenses are limited to organizations with fewer than 20,000 people.

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  • Standard Work Independent Study Value Pack

    This bundle is designed to let you combine the best of our free Standard Work content with some of our great premium content to speed up your learning curve to Standard Work mastery.

    Contents: DVD, MP3, 96-Page Lean Tutorial, Forms, Standard Work Lessons of the Day, 14-Page Lean term on PDF

    Bundle Price: $39.99
    Special Price: $26.99

  • Standard Work Instructor Value Pack (Extended)

    This bundle is intended to give instructors the tools needed to provide outstanding Standard Work training to their trainees.

    Contents: DVD, PPTX

    Bundle Price: $41.24

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