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Standard Work Combination Sheet / SWCS (+Form +Video)

A Standard Work Combination Sheet (SWCS) is also known as a Standard Work Combination Chart, a Standardized Work Combination Table, or some other variant. Regardless of what you call it, it is one of the most critical documents to your Lean success.

Standard Work Combination Sheet Example

Click the image to get a free Standard Work Combination Sheet Sample. (Note that this example is from Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?)

Standard Work Combination Sheets goes hand-in-hand with Standard Work Sheets. In essence, the Standard Work Combination Sheet shows work flow on a graph and clearly depicts:


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The Standard Work Combination Sheet has many uses:

1. As a training tool.

a. It provides a standard that can be clearly communicated to employees during the training process.

b. The Standard Work Combination Sheet provides employees with a quick and easy refresher when posted in a work cell. They can glance up and check that they are doing the process correctly. This is especially important as Lean takes hold and employees rotate jobs more frequently.

2. As a quality tool. When a problem is discovered, the first step should be to confirm that the process is being consistently followed. The Standard Work Combination Sheet makes it easy to audit an operation.

3. As a management tool. The Standard Work Combination Sheet helps managers:

a. Understand their capacity

b. Manage daily operations. (Click here to learn about our Daily Management Boot Camp.)

c. Keep things running smoothly. Knowing exactly where an employee should be at any point in a takt time lets managers get them help immediately when things go south.

4. As a continuous improvement tool. The Standard Work Combination Sheet, to the experienced eye, screams out incidents of waste. When this waste is easily identified, it is much more likely to be eliminated.

Directions for Completing Your Standard Work Combination Sheet

  1. Fill out all header and footer information.
  2. Coordinate the numbers with the steps shown on the Standard Work Sheet. The two documents should go together.
  3. Show only one operator per sheet.
  4. Make sure to clearly mark the takt time on the Standard Work Combination Sheet.
  5. Don’t forget that the operator has to walk back to the starting point.
  6. Write in your name, and get the Standard Work Combination Sheet reviewed by the leader who is responsible for the work area.

Standard Work Combination Sheet Tips, Tricks, and Warnings

  • A computer generated Standard Work Combination Sheet…

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  • richie says:

    Hi Jeff

    Tried to purchase the Structured standard work, on going to the billing address there wasn’t the country i live in, United Arab Emirates.
    what can i do in this circumstance, thanks


  • Tom Miller says:

    Do you have a STANDARD WORK COMBINATION SHEET application that allows me to fill in the work and machine elements and generate the graphic representations automatically? I want to know whether or not my proposed process falls within expected cycle time.

    • Jeff Hajek says:


      Sorry, this is the only sheet I have. I try to keep them simple so more people can modify them. Seems like the more bells and whistles I add to forms, the less they get used.

      Sorry I couldn’t help more. If I start hearing that as a need from other people, though, I’ll look into adding that functionality.

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