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Standard Lean Tools Training Module Group


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Group Overview

Lean, and other effective continuous improvement philosophies, focus on creating a system through which waste and problems are systematically identified and resolved. The best organizations  do this with copious engagement by the whole workforce.

While the emphasis should always be on the system, there are many standard Lean tools that are extremely useful in developing a continuous improvement culture. The most commonly used and straightforward of these tools are included in this module group.

Many of these tools also serve as building blocks for more sophisticated Lean tools. Focus on putting these tools in place before attempting to use the tools in the Advanced Lean Tools Module Group.

Bundles from this Group

    Extended Listing of Modules in this Group

    • 5S and Visual Management Training Module

      5S is a means of organizing and maintaining a workspace to promote effective operations. This level of organization allows visual management, which is the practice of making conditions in a workplace obvious so problems and opportunities can be immediately addressed.

      This class covers the concept of 5S and how to implement visual controls. There is also an optional Lego training exercises.

    • Poka Yoke Training Module

      The best way to ensure high quality is to build it into the process. One way to do that is with poka yokes. These mistake proofing devices make it impossible to make an error that will lead to a defects and waste.

      This module covers what a poka yoke is, why it is important, and how to do it.

    • Standard Work Overview Training Module

      A staple of Lean, Standard Work provides stability to an operation. It prescribes a sequence of work to a single operator, with designated work-in-process. Good standard work is designed to be balanced to the takt time.

    Planned Modules for this Group

    Kanban Systems

    Making materials flow smoothly is critical in a Lean environment. This class provides an overview of the use of kanban by production teams.

    Level Loading / Heijunka

    Learn how to level both the quantity and mix of products to enable greater standardization.

    Setup Reduction

    This training shows how to minimize the time it takes to changeover production from one part to another. Includes a brief overview of SMED, as well as some information about setup reduction in the office.

    Standard Work Documentation and Time Observation

    One of the most monotonous tasks in Lean, documenting Standard Work, is also one of the most insightful. Learn how to observe a process and document Standard Work on several common forms.

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