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Teach Yourself Continuous Improvement Skills

Learn about Lean at your own pace.

You don’t always have access to a mentor, but that doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Velaction offers many ways to continue your Lean education on your own.


Our Best Options

Lean Tutorials

Our Lean tutorials immerse you in information about a specific continuous improvement topic. Think of it like a ‘just-in-time’ Lean education.


Books provide a convenient, portable package of knowledge at a low cost.


DVDs provide a portable, any-time training session. Build a library that anyone on the team can use.

Audio Training

You spend a lot of time waiting, driving, or in other places where a book is not an option. Why not put that time to use with our audio training?

Our Better Options

Watch an Online Video

Some people are visual learners. Some people just don’t like to read. We offer a growing portfolio of short videos that you can watch online.

Our Good Options

The Maximize Your Lean Success Newsletter

Stay in touch with Velaction and keep on top of all the new training and tools we offer to help keep you sharp. Plus, get a featured article packed with tips.

The Gotta Go Lean Blog

Gotta Go Lean discusses Lean in the real world, current events, and often includes how-to articles. A great way to keep thinking Lean.

Lessons of the Day

It’s hard to make the time to keep learning. Sign up to get short series of Lean lessons emailed to you.


We occasionally do a podcast of Gotta Go Lean. Often this includes interviews to show you how other Lean experts think.

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