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Run Chart (Audio Term & Part 2)

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This term is part of the Run Charts module from our Lean Training System (www.LeanTrainingSystem.com). If you want to gain a deeper understanding of run charts, watch our Run Charts DVD and dive into the other modules in our Problem Solving Module Group. Many of our Lean terms are also available as MP3 files for you to listen to while on the go.

If you want to train your team, there are also a variety of training materials to help with that. (PowerPoint, Student Guides, Exercises, etc.)

Practice two different types of run charts. Start by identifying a process where there is some stability. The goal is to learn how to integrate data collection and recording into an operator’s workload. Be sure to document the run chart process. These instructions should include where the chart is posted, how data is collected, who collects it, and when the run chart should be updated.

Once you have ironed out the kinks in a basic run chart, move on to an area where you are having sporadic problems. Depending upon the pace of production and the duration of problems, you may need to adjust the data window to get actionable data. Keep in mind that hourly data points will help you identify issues right away, but tend to be time consuming to update.

An important part of the education process is to go over lessons learned. Get some time on the calendar for a mentor to discuss the results of the run charts with the people who gathered the data. Focus the discussion on obstacles and in ways that run charts can be used more effectively in the future. 

A PDF of this term is included in our Phase 3 Information Series.

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