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  • FREE 6-page Lean Term on PDF to give students
  • FREE electronic copy of the 5 Whys Form used in class
  • Class used in the #1 5 Whys video on YouTube, now with over 85,000 views
  • DVD available to use as instructor’s guide or for makeup training
  • Student guide, training exercise, and MP3 available
  • Highly effective, visual class walks through a real example


Root cause analysis is a combination of the art and science used to find the underlying reasons for a given effect. One of the most widely used root cause analysis tools is the 5 Whys. It is a simple, effective method of problem solving that can help teams identify and eliminate the root cause of a problem.

This short module provides an overview of root cause analysis and provides a close look at the 5 Whys tool. It addresses some of its potential pitfalls, and gives instruction on how to use the tool.

Product Details

  • License Type: Corporate
  • Number of Slides: 22
  • Target Time: 45 minutes + 15 minutes for optional exercise
  • Revision Date: 6/6/2010
  • Format: PowerPoint 2007
  • Delivery: Immediate Download
  • Skill Level: 2 (Using Tools)


Product Description

This class on root cause analysis and the 5 whys provides Lean trainers the materials to instruct their teams on how to permanently solve a problem by getting to its root cause rather than working on its symptoms.

As part of our Lean training system, this class may be expanded with our student guide and Lean forms. It also has the consistent look and feel of our full line of training materials to provide a seamless message to your teams.

The Root Cause Analysis and the 5 Whys class covers the following material:

1. Treating symptoms

a. Wastes resources

b. Problems recur

2. What is root cause analysis?

3. Cause and effect principle

4. Why do root cause analysis?

a. Company benefits

b. Employee benefits

5. Steps to root cause analysis

a. Identify problems

b. Prioritize symptoms

c. Choose a tool

i. Basic

a. 5 Whys

ii. Intermediate

a. Cause and effect

b. Pareto charts

c. Run charts

iii. Advanced

a. Statistics/ANOVA

d. Identify the process step

e. Prove the theory

6. The 5 Whys

a. Using the tool

b. Benefits

c. Drawbacks

7. The 5 Whys Worksheet

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