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Recording of Our "8 Ways to Create an Infrastructure that Supports Lean" Webinar

Just a quick follow up about our webinar yesterday entitled “8 Ways to Create an Infrastructure that Supports Lean”. The webinar seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people, and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback about it. For your convenience, we have posted a recording of the webinar on YouTube, and you can download a copy of the PowerPoint slides below.

Download the original slides here…

8 Ways to Create a Lean Infrastructure (PowerPoint) (27 downloads)


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  • Pcuddy says:

    8 Ways to Creat a Lean Infrastructure

    Enjoyed the informal, easy nature of the presentation. Sorry there was not more time for Q&A. It might have been good to hear specific ideas from other pratitioners.

    I plan to create a resource room (cube) with supplies and information for our lean leaders.I might not have thought about this without the webinar.

    Thank you.

    • Jeff Hajek says:


      Thanks for the feedback. We haven’t been able to dial in on how much time to leave for questions. Sometimes, we can’t seem to keep up with them all, and other times we hear crickets chirping in the background.

      I like the idea about specific ideas. Might provide a a good option for follow-up articles.

      I’d love to see some pictures of the resource area you develop, as would other readers.

      Thanks for the comment.

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