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Velaction's Continuous Improvement Store

In an effort to add more products to our lineup, we have used a variety of Amazon .com services over the years. Initially, we just linked to the products on their site. Then, we graduated to their affiliate program. Eventually, though we created an ‘aStore’ which consolidates all the products we linked to in one location.

As we outgrew that option, we created an Amazon storefront that gave us much more flexibility in how we showed you the products in our Lean store.

Unfortunately, we got to the point where we decided to start selling our own products through that storefront, and the system was not compatible with that decision. So, we had to migrate once again to the current program. That required an overhaul of the store, which is only partially done at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The benefit, though, is that you can now buy a large number of our products through Amazon. Plus, as our product line has grown, we have fewer requirements to add in other products.

While we do intent to recreate our Amazon storefront down the road, it is not currently a priority. If you are interested in learning when we do get around to it, the best way it to subscribe to one of the many ways of keeping in touch with us on our connections page.

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