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Lean Videos with Corporate or Individual Licenses

A great training program incorporates a variety of methods for learning. Instructor led training is highly effective, but has cost constraints. Coordinating a schedule that both trainer and trainees can attend poses a further challenge. To deal with the problem of limited trainers or scheduling issues, we offer our video training library in 3 formats.

  • DVD

DVDs are good choices for single site organizations that want to train a team in group settings or maintain a small training library. The limitation is, obviously, that the viewer must have the physical copy of the disc to play it. Learn more on our DVD component page.

  • Individual Licenses

DVDs can be cost prohibitive for individuals who want to learn on their own, or may not work for an individual who has an immediate need for a video. Our licensed videos are immediately downloadable. They come in a small format resolution ideal for individual viewing. The license is non-transferable, and allows only the person listed on the ‘ship to’ address to view it.

  • Corporate Licenses

DVDs are a good option for small organizations or for individuals. But for bigger companies, or those that are spread across multiple locations, the number of DVDs required to make training readily accessible rises dramatically.

For those cases, instead of having to maintain multiple DVD libraries, we offer our videos with corporate licenses as an on-demand, cost-effective alternative to physical media. You will receive a file that you can post on your own servers to provide anytime access throughout your company. No passing a DVD along. No wear and tear on a library disk. No searching for a DVD before a class. You’ll always have the video available when you need it.

The following restrictions apply for corporate licenses:

  1. A license is required for every reporting entity. Generally, this means that the organization will have its own president or CEO. This is typical of conglomerates and multinational corporations.
  2. Regardless of reporting structure, standard corporate video licenses are limited to organizations of 20,000 people or fewer. Contact us for details about extended licenses for larger organizations.
  3. The files may not be distributed outside of the organization.
  4. Only active employees of the organization are authorized to watch the videos. Employees may not keep copies of the videos when they leave the company.
  5. The videos may not be modified or altered.
  6. The license does not expire, but may be revoked for violation of terms.
  7. No compensation may be received for the presentation of these videos.
  8. Companies should keep a copy of their receipt posted in the folder with the videos as verification of licensing.


Our video licenses are eligible for our “Build-a-Bundle” program. You can find details by clicking the preceding link or by looking over the ‘How to Buy’ section in each of the modules below.

Lean Video Directory

Please note we are in the process of making our DVDs available as downloadable video licenses. If you want a DVD title converted to video, please let us know at

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