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Lean Training Exercises

For training to be successful, the lessons have to stick. A good instructor uses a variety of methods to reinforce the points he or she just made.

Our Lean training exercises do just that. They include the handouts for the students and the instructions for trainer. You may need to add in a few basic materials, but you will receive all the information you need to successfully conduct a hands-on exercise to illustrate the points made in the class.

Look at the modules in our training directory to see if the class you are interested in has a Lean exercise posted for sale. If it doesn’t, please contact us at to see if we have one available that we can get posted for sale.

For some training, though, you may need specialized materials—things that cannot be easily downloaded or obtained on your own. For those situations, we offer our Lean Training Kits. These contain all the materials you need to pack the punch into your lessons.

Of course, no Lean Training System would be complete without Legos™. We have a growing line of Lean Lego Training Exercises to add some fun to your classes while driving the lesson home.

Lean Training Exercises

Lean Training Simulations

Our Lean Training Simulations are more extensive than our standard Lean training exercises.

  • Lean Office Simulation (Lean Office Flow Exercise)

    Looking for a way to demonstrate the value of Lean in an office setting? Look no further. Our Lean Office Flow Exercise does for administrative work what the Lego Flow Exercise does for the shop floor production. After teaching this exercise, leaders will find themselves constantly comparing real-world situations to what happened during the simulation. Plus, why not add a little bit of fun to your training?

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