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Lean DVDs: Narrated PowerPoint Training and Recorded Webinars

Unleash the power of our Lean Training System by adding DVDs to your modules.

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Use our Lean DVDs as:

  • A leader’s guides to learn how to present the material
  • Make-up training for team members who miss your live training
  • Refresher training
  • New employee training
  • A way to learn new concepts on your own

The choice is yours. With the versatility of our modular Lean training system, you get just what you need, right when you need it.

Part of an Expandable System

Our Lean DVDs are just one component of our Lean training modules. Get the PowerPoint slides used in the DVD, and add a student guide to take notes. Use our training exercises to help teams learn by doing, and look up answers in our extensive Lean reference guide. However your team learns best, we have the tools to help.

Types of Lean DVDs

  • Lean Training on DVD. This is a fully scripted, edited, and processed version of a narrated PowerPoint presentation. Recorded with professional-grade screen capture software and high quality recording equipment, our Lean Training on DVDs adds versatility to any Lean library.
  • Recorded Webinar on DVD. This is a recording of a live webinar presented by Velaction. This version follows the “Better, Not Perfect” principle and lets us release content to you in a fraction of the time it takes to produce a full version of our Lean Training on DVD. Recorded in a single take, you still get great quality training–it just won’t be as polished as our top-grade option.

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Our Lean DVD Values…

  • 3-Pack of the Lean Training System Complete DVD Bundle (Economy Packaging)

    Learn more about our complete Lean Training System DVD Distribution Value Pack. Get this comprehensive bundle of DVDs in a stripped-down version of packaging you can keep for yourslef or distribute to your team to build skills in a hurry.

    DVDs: 16 x 3 Packs

    Bundle Price: $357

  • Lean 101 DVD Pack

    This bundle contains the DVDs available in our Lean 101 training module group.

    DVDs: 2

    Regular Price: $39

  • Lean Enterprise Training Pack

    This is the most extensive digital bundle we offer, containing a comprehensive assortment of training materials that can instantly give you the training capability you need. It contains a vast array of downloadable products that you can be using just minutes from now.

    PowerPoint Classes: 34

    Student Guides: 28

    Quizzes: 4

    Training Exercises: 3

    Lean Forms & Tools: 27

    Lean Terms on PDF: 49

    Articles on PDF: 22

    Lean Tutorials: 2

    Price: $259

  • Lean Leadership DVD Pack

    This bundle contains the DVDs available in our Lean Leadership training module group.

    DVDs: 6

    Regular Price: $89

  • Lean Training System Complete DVD Pack

    Learn more about our complete Lean Training System DVD bundle. Get all of our DVDs in one convenient package for only about $10 each. Build your Lean Video library in a hurry.

    DVDs: 20

    Bundle Price: $199 (Over 60% Bundle Discount!)

  • Problem Solving DVD Pack

    This bundle contains a list of the DVDs available in our Problem Solving DVD pack.

    DVDs: 6

    Bundle Price: $89

  • Standard Lean Tools DVD Pack

    This bundle contains the DVDs available in our Standard Lean Tools training module group.

    DVDs: 3

    Regular Price: $39

Our current Lean DVD directory

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