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Lean Audio Training

One of the barriers to learning any new skill is time. We simply never seem to have enough of that precious resources.

Our Lean Audio Training is designed to offer you a way around that challenge. Learn while you drive. Listen to lessons while you stand in line. Soak in knowledge while sitting in the airport. Or work out your mind while you strengthen your body at the gym. Don’t worry about finding extra time. Just make better use of the time you are already spending on something else. Simply download our MP3 audio files to your smartphone and have an instant lesson whenever you want.

Lean Audio Training Options

  • Audio Terms: Get a variety of terms from our Continuous Improvement Companion. Our terms go beyond simple definitions. We discuss the impact of the term on your Lean operations, give words of warning, and point out special information for both leaders and frontline employees.
  • Audio Articles: We’ve got a wealth of knowledge buried in our archives of articles. These recordings let you get a little does of continuous improvement whenever you want. Listen to them on the way into work in the morning to get your creative juices flowing, or play one for your team at the start of a meeting.

Purchasing Methods 

  • Individual Titles: Individual titles allow you to create just the learning experience you need. Note that not all titles are available outside of bundles.
  • Component Bundles: All of our Lean Audio Training is available in one of our sequenced bundles (i.e. Bundle “A”, Bundle “B”, etc.) for each of the training options listed above. If you buy all the bundles in each series, you will get all of the Lean Audio Training without duplication.
  • Functional Bundles / Modules / Training Programs: Our audio training augments our modules and other functional bundles. Note that many of our audio programs complement multiple topics and may be a part of many functional bundles. Please consider this duplication when deciding how you will purchase our materials.
  • New Release Packs: If you purchased a Rollout Pack, you can acquire all of our fresh content in new release packs. These are periodically available for a limited time as new content becomes available.

Licensing Options

  • Individual Licenses: Individual licenses entitle the purchaser to keep one copy of the MP3. It may not be stored on a network drive, shared, or distributed. They may, however, be played for a team as long as the file is not shared.
  • Corporate Licenses: Corporate licenses entitle the purchasing organization to store the MP3 files on their network server for use by any current employee. Note that the license is for a single reporting unit. Generally, you will have a president for each reporting unit. This structure is most common in large organizations with subsidiaries or regional operations. All audio training is available with corporate licenses. Contact us at if you do not see the product you are looking for.

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