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Lean Survey List

Lean focuses on collecting facts and data about processes. But far too often, Lean companies act without information about their teams.

How do people feel about pending changes?

Does your team feel like Lean is working?

What is important to the people on your team, and how is Lean affecting those needs?

What do people really think about the upcoming kaizen?

Velaction Continuous Improvement offers a Lean survey line┬áto answer these questions, and more. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use our Lean Survey services to help you gather the facts and data about your team that will help you make better decisions, resulting in a more satisfied-and more effective-team.

Lean Survey Product Line:

Pre-Lean Implementation Survey: This anonymous survey evaluates your team before you start on your Lean journey. It lets you know how receptive the team will be, what their concerns are, and what is important to them. This information will help you avoid common obstacles that can derail your Lean efforts and put management and team in opposite corners. Preview this Pre-Lean Implementation Survey.

Upcoming Surveys:

(If you are interested in any of these, please let me know at Surveys@Velaction.com. We’ve got the systems in place to get these done fairly quickly when we see the demand for them.)

Pre-Kaizen Event Survey: This anonymous Lean survey is one part notification and one part assessment. It asks specific questions about the process you will be working on, gathering feedback from team members and stakeholders alike. Find out the real stories and issues before the event begins. Posting an easel in an area to collect data is far too passive. This survey makes sure that all of your stakeholders are informed of the pending changes, and that they have an opportunity to answer. Make sure everyone knows exactly what is going on.

Kaizen Invitation: You can be passive and just send out email, or you can require your team to answer specific questions to confirm that they know exactly what they are getting into. The time of the event, location, special requirement, and the goals and objectives are all covered. This is not an anonymous survey. It is designed to acts as a briefback-guaranteeing that your team has read the information you want them to before they show up to start your project.

Post Kaizen Survey: The project is done. The report out has long since been presented. Are the gains still there? Are the changes really for the better? Find out in this anonymous survey.

Lean Assessment: You have been Lean for a while, but how do you improve? Not just your processes, but the real heart and soul of any Lean effort-the way people are engaged in the Lean culture. This survey assesses where your team thinks the company stands, how satisfied they are, and even gives them an opportunity to propose changes. You track all your business processes? Are you tracking how well you are leading your Lean effort?

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