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Remote Improvement Coaching

Change the Way You Think About Lean Consulting

Not every project requires that you bring a consultant to your site, or commit to a long-term project. While there are situations where those are the best options, that is not always the case. The expense and time can be prohibitive, limiting the situations in which you can hire an expert to help you overcome obstacles.

Velaction Offers a Solution To This Problem

Whatever you want to call it–remote consulting, improvement coaching, or Lean support, we provide hourly, just-in-time, right-sized, remote assistance. Whether you are facing a problem in the office or on the shop floor, we can help right now.

The benefits of using Velaction’s hourly, remote consulting services

  • You can get help right when you need, without scheduling headaches. Since we don’t need to book travel, we can get you answers sooner, sometimes in just minutes. On-site engagements, on the other hand, often must be booked months in advance.
  • You can manage your budget. Hourly consulting doesn’t require a big outlay of cash, so it can fit into any budget. Pay for the hours only as you use them.
  • You get our expertise and experience. We regularly solve problems similar to yours, so we have many tools at our disposal that are not available to you. We can often do in minutes what might take you hours.
  • You can get to know us to decide if you want us to help with a bigger project. Consulting works best with a strong relationship. You can use our hourly consulting to learn more about our style and capabilities before you commit to bringing us in.
  • You don’t waste time. Since we operate from a standing agreement, there is no start-up time. Have a 5-minute problem? Use up only five minutes of time from your account.
  • You don’t pay extra for travel. Since we serve you remotely—via phone, email, video, and live online sessions—you don’t pay for lodging, airfare, or travel time.
  • You open up more problem-solving opportunities. When you have a right-sized tool, you won’t hesitate to use it. The more you use us, the more ways you’ll find that we can help you.
  • You get access to our unique capabilities. We can do screen capture, create simple animations, and produce high-quality recordings. Audio, video, and images help us save time answering questions, which, in turn, saves you money.
  • You don’t have any risk. We guarantee our work. If you don’t like what we do, you don’t get charged for the time.
  • The more you use us, the better we get to know your company. That means even better, more efficient advice.
  • You can cancel your account at any time (but you won’t!). There’s no long-term commitment. We are sure you’ll stick with us, but it’s nice not to feel tethered or obligated to us. Cancel your account whenever you want, and we’ll send a refund for any unused time.

How does remote improvement coaching work?

Talk to us to get set up with a consulting agreement. We get to find out about your needs, and you learn all that we can do for you.

Then, whenever you need help, contact us with the problem you need solved. We’ll use our skills and resources to get you an answer far quicker than if you had to wait for a consultant to come to your site.

And because we have a lot of material at our disposal, we can usually get you answers far quicker than if you had to research them on your own. Pay for a little of our time to save a lot of yours.

Where can you use our Lean coaching?

Changing the tools available to you changes the way you think about getting help. When you open an account with us, all there is to do is send us the relevant background information, what your problem is, and any limits on the time you want us to spend on the problem. We’ll communicate with you to clarify what you are asking, and send you regular updates.

Use Our Lean coaching to:

  • Review a charter. We’ve lost count of how many we’ve seen. In just a few minutes, we can point out several things that will save you time and headaches later.
  • Review a process. Send us a series of pictures or a video of a process, and we can draw from our years of experience to offer improvement ideas.
  • Improve kaizen results. Send us some pictures of a work area and your ideas for improving it, and we can offer suggestions that will save you time and get you better results.
  • Support steering committee meetings. We can help you plan your meetings, or even sit in on a conference call to add our experience to the discussion.
  • Help you implement your Lean systems. We’ll follow your progress and help you keep moving forward quickly.
  • Help you develop your Lean strategy. We’ll look over you plan and offer our insight into what to do next.
  • Support your hiring process. Let us look over resumes for you, and look for indicators about Lean expertise. We can even give you some questions to ask the candidate.
  • Mentor Lean leaders. Finding a mentor is a critical part of any Lean leader’s development. Learning from books and in classes can only take you so far. Having a coach who can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and who can help you grow your skills is a critical part of generating Lean success for both your company and your career.

Getting Started

Email us at Info@Velaction.com or call us at 1.800.670.5805 to schedule a free consultation.

Or fill out our Free Consultation Request Form to get started.

Get a 20% discount when you add 5 or more hours to your account.

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