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Lean Services and Products

Who’s Guiding You on Your Continuous Improvement Journey?

Whether you are using Lean, Six Sigma, or some other method of continuous improvement, it’s not always easy to find your way. We at Velaction Continuous Improvement are working hard to make navigating the challenges of improving your organization—and yourself—just a little easier.

Our focus is on continuous improvement at the front lines of your business. We believe that managers working together with their frontline employees is the key to success in any company that wants to get better.

To help you get started, we’ve organized what we do into four categories. We hope you’ll choose to explore each of the areas listed below and see all of the great continuous improvement resources we offer.

Enjoy your continuous improvement journey.

Learn about our continuous improvement consulting

Continuous Improvement Consulting

We can help you develop your improvement strategy, mentor key leaders, and facilitate kaizen events. Learn more about our Continuous Improvement Consulting.

Right-Sized Continuous Improvement Consulting

Learn about our continuous improvement training

Continuous Improvement Training

We offer a wide range of Continuous Improvement Training options to fit your needs. From high-quality DVDs, to onsite training, and everything in between.

Engaging Continuous Improvement training using Legos Continuous Improvement Boot Camps to get better in a hurry Comprehensive guides to continuous improvement concepts

Learn about our continuous improvement products

Continuous Improvement Products

We offer a full range of Products to support your continuous improvement efforts. Plus, our Lean Store is powered by Amazon, so you know it’s secure.

Continuous improvement books to help you learn at your own pace Continuous improvement DVDs to bring your continuous improvement training to life Get better quicker with out Lean boot camps Add to your capabilities with out continuous improvement support services

Learn about our continuous improvement services

Continuous Improvement Services

It’s hard to go it alone. Our Continuous Improvement Support Services can take some of the load off of your team. See how we can help.

On our site, you will find three levels of continuous improvement information.

  • The Good Stuff: We offer a huge amount of free information to any of the guests of our site.
  • The Better Stuff: Some of our content is available only to registered users. Registering lets us get to know you a little better, and helps us get you more of what you need to be successful at continuous improvement.
  • The Best Stuff: Our premium content does come with a price. Fortunately, it also packs in the value. Compare what we offer with other continuous improvement information you can find around the Internet, and we are confident that you’ll see that we offer a great bang for the buck.

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