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Problem Solving Power Pack Lean Training Bundle

Regular Price: $99.00 (46% off buying each component separately!)

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Buying bundles of training materials is a great way to save a bundle.

In this package, you get a pair of narrated Lean training presentations on DVD and seven high-quality PowerPoint training presentations on problem solving tools that can propel your company along its Lean journey. You also get six student guides to go along with the presentations (the A3 presentation is the only one that is not available).
Click on the links below to preview all the slides that are included in this great package deal so you know exactly what you will be getting.

Not only is our training effective, it’s flexible. Our liberal licensing agreements let you use these materials throughout your organization. And because the formats are ones you are familiar with, you’ll be able to modify the look and feel of the materials, as well as adjust the content to suit your company’s needs.

Whether you are using this material to build your training system from scratch, or are using it to augment an existing training program, you’ll find a great return on your investment.

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Problem solving is an important skill in most businesses, but in Lean operations, the ability to find solutions to problems is critical. Lean removes the costly safety nets and crutches that many traditional organizations use, so when something goes wrong, the team needs to be able to respond immediately.

Our problem solving tools training bundle give you the materials you need to teach your team how to effectively overcome the obstacles that prevent them from delivering top-tier quality fast and cost-effectively.

And because our licenses are liberal and we offer many products in flexible formats, you’ll be able to modify these packages to suit your needs and share them across your organization.

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