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Practical Exercises

A practical exercise is a hands-on teaching tool by which students are asked to apply the lessons they have just learned in a controlled environment. In the Crawl-Walk-Run model of learning, practical exercised fall into the ‘crawl’ phase.

There are several benefits to putting lessons to immediate use:

  • Students remember lessons better when they are reinforced by “doing”
  • Students stay engaged more in long training sessions
  • Instructors can confirm whether the student has gained the required knowledge
  • Students can see the usefulness of the lesson and will be more likely to use it

There are some drawbacks, however.

  • Instructors have more preparation time
  • Effectively running practical exercises, especially complicated ones, requires instructors with experience
  • Some exercises require special equipment
  • There is a greater chance of something going wrong during the training
  • Some exercises can seem contrived or forced. making students ‘tune out’

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