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Popular Continuous Improvement Training Packages

We offer an à la carte menu of great continuous improvement training materials. We also package these products into a variety of discounted bundles. Some of our customers’ favorites are listed below.

Popular Lean Training Packages

  • A3 Thinking, Fundamentals of. Instructor Pack

    This product gives you all the tools you need to give your team a deep understanding of A3 Thinking. Premium files delivered via download. Forms and Lean terms available to site members (free registration).Optional data disk available in cart.

    Contents: PPT, Student Guide, Quiz

  • Lean Training System Complete DVD Pack

    Learn more about our complete Lean Training System DVD bundle. Get a large assortment of our DVDs in one convenient package. Build your Lean Video library in a hurry.

  • Lean Training System Enterprise Pack (Download Edition)

    This is the most extensive digital bundle we offer, containing a comprehensive assortment of training materials that can instantly give you the training capability you need. It contains a vast array of downloadable products that you can be using just minutes from now.

    PowerPoint Classes: 34

    Student Guides: 28

    Quizzes: 4

    Training Exercises: 3

    Lean Audio Terms: 16

    Lean Audio Articles: 6

    Lean Forms & Tools: 27

    Lean Terms on PDF: 49

    Articles on PDF: 22

    Lean Tutorials: 2

    Price: $259

  • Lean Training System PowerPoint Discount Pack

    This bundle contains our complete line of PowerPoint presentations from our Lean Training System.

    PPTX Classes: 34

  • Root Cause Analysis and The 5 Whys Lean Training. Instructor Bundle.

    This product combines the digital products, including corporate media licenses from our Root Cause Analysis & The 5 Whys Training Module. Files delivered via download.

    Contents: PPTX Class, Student Guide, Exercise

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