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Policy Deployment (Part 2)

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See all the components available for the Policy Deployment module from our Lean Training System…

I don’t recommend starting policy deployment until a few initial steps are completed.

  1. Decide on a few basic metrics and begin monitoring them. This will get frontline teams used to operating with very clearly defined goals.
  2. Practice the PDCA cycle extensively. This means monitoring misses on those metrics you established and developing a team that is capable of adjusting its course. Keeping all the moving parts on track will be critical to achieving the corporate goals.
  3. Find a mentor. Whether you hire somebody onto the staff who is familiar with policy deployment, find a friend or associate who is well-versed in it, or hire a consultant, get somebody who has done it before. There are a lot of potential quagmires you can fall into when trying policy deployment. Avoiding those pitfalls can pay off dramatically.

We offer a free policy deployment matrix as part of our Lean Training System.

A PDF of this term is included in our Phase 3 Information Series.

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