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Policy Deployment Matrix (Part 2)

See all the components available for the Policy Deployment module from our Lean Training System…


  1. Get training on policy deployment. Because policy deployment is central to the success of your organization, mistakes can have a significant impact. (Contact Velaction at Info@Velaction.com to learn more about how we can help.)
  2. Gain a deep understanding of the voice of the customer. This may entail an actual voice of the customer exercise.
  3. Develop a strategic vision. This is the big picture view of what the company will look like in 10 years. It does not necessarily have specific numbers assigned to it.
  4. Develop your top level policy deployment. This is where the strategic vision turns into specific, quantitative goals that align the subordinate organizations with the corporate strategy.
  5. Each subordinate organization develops its own policy deployment matrix, policy deployment bowler’s, and action plans as necessary. Senior leaders review these plans and goals in a catchball process.
  6. Countermeasures are developed. Any action plan that is off the pace , or any PD miss gets a countermeasure. This should be completed before the operations review.
  7. The leadership team conducts monthly PD and operations reviews throughout the year to make sure that action plans and targets are all still on track.
  8. The strategic planning process is repeated annually. The goals are continually adjusted as business conditions change and improvement priorities are completed.

If your organization is unaccustomed to using policy deployment, I encourage you to get coaching as you learn this powerful methodology. Velaction can provide both training and mentoring to help align your teams’ actions and their corporate strategy. Contact us at Info@Velaction.com for more information.

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