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Policy Deployment Bowler

The Policy Deployment Bowler is used to track progress on the targets shown on a Policy Deployment Matrix. In policy deployment, 3 to 5 year strategies are turned into annual objectives. To meet those objectives, leaders establish improvement priorities, which generally require new processes. If the progression is through policy deployment is done properly, accomplishing the improvement priorities will result in achieving the annual objectives.

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Because improvement objectives are not actually metrics, leaders must identify targets to make sure that the new process delivers what is expected of it. Each of these targets should also have an action plan associated with it.

A PD Bowler is a convenient tool to take an at-a-glance look at PD progress. Misses are highlighted in red, making them leap off the page. Every miss requires a countermeasure to get it back on track.

The targets on the PD matrix each get their own line on the PD bowler. The action plan determines how the number will change over the course of the year. Resist the urge to simply break the improvement into twelfths. Instead, look at the running impact of the actions on the plan, and mark the expectations on the PD Bowler accordingly.

A PDF of this form is included in our Phase 3 Information Series.

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