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Need to Poka Yoke My Process...

…plus a free gift

I won’t bore you with the details, but I want to apologize for the last post (Process Evaluations) that went out on my Gotta Go Lean Blog’s RSS feed.

In short, it was a mistake—I don’t mind advertising my products in this forum if they are related to a useful article, but I inadvertently sent out the write-up from a product page.

So, as a way of making amends, I am offering you a coupon to download a free Lean Audio Term (MP3) of your choice.

Simply go to the Lean Audio Training page, select one of the individual terms, and when you are checking out, use this coupon code: GGLAPOLOGY

I’ll leave the coupon active until Friday, Septemeber 25, 2009. I know each term isn’t very expensive (but they are high-value); I just wanted to give a token to back up my apology.

(By the way–I’m kind of giving you the keys to the store here. I suspect you’d be able to use the coupon multiple times, but please limit yourself to just one.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the MP3.


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