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Office Process Capacity Sheet

Managing workload in an office setting can be a challenge. Use the Office Process Capacity Form to determine whether a process is sufficiently staffed to meet demand. This form takes the FTE (full time equivalent) load into account, as many office workers have multiple roles.

Office Process Capacity Sheet

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It also looks at whether the process has enough machines to handle the workload. While this is not a problem in the office as frequently as it is on the shop floor, it occasionally is a factor. Examples include a 3D printer for an engineering team, or an espresso machine for a coffee shop. Service processes often bridge the line between administrative and production work.

We offer a free PDF version of the Office Process Capacity Sheet to our guests, and a free XLSX version of Office Process Capacity Sheet to our registered users. (View the terms of use.) Don’t forget to look at all the other Lean forms we offer on our site.

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