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Maximize Your Lean Success Newsletter: October, 2013

Maximize Your Lean Success

Growing Digital Rollout Pack + Disappearing Discount = Act Now!

Plus, Introducing Our "Returned DVD Giveaway" Program

  • Notes from Jeff: Happy Halloween. We are giving away a Problem Solving DVD pack as a treat for one of you.
  • What’s New?: New menu. New product line (Audio Articles). Easier downloads of purchases. And more…
  • New Terms: Slow month for terms, but we do still have a few new ones for you.
  • Recent Articles: Measuring can be frustrating if you focus on things outside of your control.
  • Polls: Tell us where you think Lean will be in 10 years.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: We often hear from people wanting to track employees. Get our take on this issue.
  • Specials: Get half off on our new Audio Article Bundle, plus save big on our new Digital Rollout Pack.
  • New Products: Both products on special this month are new releases. Check out our “New Products” section to learn more.

Oct. 31, 2013


ISSN: 1946-5386

Jeff Hajek

Owner and Founder

First of all, let me wish you a Happy Halloween. Keep safe and enjoy the holiday.

While this is a fun holiday, it is also a signpost of a sort. It signifies that the end of the year is rolling around. That means that teams are probably facing an end-of-the-year push to hit annual production or revenue targets, and leadership teams are racing to the wire on hitting their KPI goals. The challenge, though, is that the low hanging fruit has been gobbled up already, and the things that are left to do in November are the particularly challenging end to the annual marathon of improvement.

We recommend spending a bit of time with some problem solving training to 'sharpen the axe' and get your team (or yourself) refocused on good ways to attack problems. Check out our problem solving module to see how we can help. There's lots of free content, including 7 free terms on PDF, to use for basic refresher training. And of course, you can get our premium content to help your team perform at an even higher level.

We will even give one of you our Problem Solving DVD pack to get you going. Check out our "What's New?" section to learn about our 'Returned Item Giveaway'. It is rare that we get a return from a dissatisfied customer. We do, however, give out trials and loaners on occasion and sometimes get undeliverable items back. We don’t want to sell them as new, so we thought we'd try handing them out to our loyal subscribers.

As always, best wishes on your Lean journey.

Jeff Hajek

Founder of Velaction

  1. Bigger Downloads. Our bundles have been somewhat unwieldy because of file size limits in our shopping carts. Now that our vendor has fixed that problem, we can offer more convenient bundles of digital products by providing one zip file vs. numerous individual files. It also opens up more options with our Lean Audio Training. (See number 2 below).
  2. Lean Audio Training. With bigger file sizes for downloads comes more training options. We can now extend the length of our recordings and offer more convenient bundles of MP3s. Look for us to continue growing this product line. In fact, it’s already started with our first Audio Article bundle. (If you click that link, you can listen to one of these articles for free.)
  3. Returned Item Giveaway. It is extremely rare that we get a product returned because it wasn't what a customer wanted. Sometimes, though, they order the wrong product, or one of us gets an address wrong and a package comes back. We even, on occasion, might get a loaner or trial copy back. We now have a small stack of items that we don’t want to sell as new, but don’t want to throw out. So, we thought you might like them. Before you respond, keep in mind that this isn’t a sweepstakes. We'll just look at the responses and pick one with our secret, magic selection criteria. (Sorry, due to shipping costs, we'll only be choosing US mailing addresses.) Let's start with our Problem Solving DVD Bundle. We don’t want to spend time setting up the giveaway process until we see how many people respond, so for now, just contact us at Info@Velaction.com to let us know you are interested. Tell us why you want the DVDs, and give us your mailing address in case we choose you. Also, please let us know if we can release your name in our next newsletter or if you'd prefer that we just give an anonymous description of why we chose you.
  4. New Menus. One of the issues we hear about on our site is that there is so much content, it can be hard to find things. We've started attacking this problem by streamlining our menu options. We've cut them about in half so there is less to look through.
  5. Digital Rollout Pack. The larger downloads from our shopping cart has opened up the option to offer a digital rollout pack. This is an extensive bundle of great training material that can get you going in a hurry. No more waiting for the mail. Start training today. 

The following terms have been added to our online reference guide,
The Continuous Improvement Companion, during the course of this month.

From The Gotta Go Lean Blog

  • Measure the Things You Can Control

    As I’ve mentioned in many previous articles, sports provide an outstanding backdrop to teach Lean lessons. This aspect of athletics was reinforced in a recent article in ESPN magazine. It takes a detailed look at the statistics behind one pitcher’s performance.

    This player had an outstanding year in 2012. By one measure, he was responsible for adding 5.3 wins to his team. This year though, using the same metric, he is responsible for one additional loss. On the surface, this looks like a fairly significant drop in performance. The problem though, is…

  • Where Will Lean Be In 10 Years?

    Lean experienced a fairly slow start in the 80’s and early 90’s, but picked up its adoption rate rapidly in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Of late, it seems to be reaching something of a saturation point in manufacturing, but is still spreading rapidly in other areas. The Lean office is still going strong. Lean is making substantial inroads into healthcare. I see more requests for Lean information from those in higher education. Even the government is getting into the act, albeit at a slow pace. (Note: These observations are from personal experience. It is surprisingly hard to find reliable, believable, compatible data about Lean adoption.)

  1. The Incredible Shrinking Discount. We are offering introductory pricing on our Digital Rollout Pack. This contains a vast collection of our training materials that you can now download instantly. But this isn't your ordinary deal. Between now and the 6th of November, our discount will fade away. The faster you act, the more you save. Discounts will change no earlier than 9:00 PST on the date listed…
  • $139 through 11/1
  • $169 through 11/4
  • $199 through 11/5
  • $229 through 11/6
  • $259 Regular Price
  1. We've expanding out Lean Audio Training product line. Get the first installment (Bundle "A") of our Lean Audio Articles at an introductory price of $4.99 through November 7. That's 50% off!

  1. We've mentioned that we expanded our Lean Audio Training. It has a half off special going on now, plus you can listen to one of the articled for free by clicking the link above.
  2. Our Digital Rollout Pack is now available. It is a vast bundle of digital products that you can download immediately. It contains
  • 22 Articles on PDF
  • 6 Articles on MP3
  • 49 Lean Terms on PDF
  • 16 Terms on  MP3
  • 27 Forms and tools
  • 34 PowerPoint Presentations
  • 28 Student Guides
  • 3 Exercises
  • 4 Quizzes
  • 2 Tutorials


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