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Muda. Muda. Muda. Muda.

The Four Laws of Continous Improvement.

Like the three rules of real estate—Location, Location, Location—continuous improvement has its own repetitive rules as well. Plus, there’s even a fourth one for good measure.

By the way—muda is the Japanese word for wasteful activity, but in practice is used synonymously with waste.

These rules are pretty simple. Muda. Muda. Muda. Muda.

  1. Learn to identify muda.
  2. Learn not to tolerate muda.
  3. Learn to eliminate muda.
  4. Learn to prevent muda.

The rules apply whether you are in the Lean office, Lean manufacturing, or in any of the other rising Lean specialties (healthcare, retail, service, etc.)

I encourage you to take a look at my full post on the seven wastes, and start following the rules…


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