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“This is the most helpful site I have seen for couple of years working as a Lean Process Engineer.”

-Member “aims35″

“Great format! I have seen and used other A-3’s but find this one to be easier to understand and manipulate…Thanks and glad I found your website”

-Member “MonteWright”

“Great A3 options. I really like the choices as each organization will pick what size sheet (form) works for them. Easy explanation of the A3 too. Thanks for the simplicity, that’s why I utilize Velaction dot com so much!

-Member “Jay Watson”

“These definitions are very helpful, especially when you are looking for a quick refresher. The discussions really help in the details!”

-Member “tweber”

“I appreciate having access to all this free information to help in preparation for the Black Belt course, plus be a resource afterward. Thanks Velaction for offering this.”

-Member “Mr. Bach”

“I am very appreciative of your website and products. This is one of the best resources I have found for customizable lean materials. I came to this site originally for Policy Deployment training materials – and have found that and a lot more.”

-Member “darmfield”

“Thank you very much Jeff, for creating such wonderful material, which will be a reference for many people.. a lot to learn..”

-Member “sriniurfriend82″


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