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“This is the most helpful site I have seen for couple of years working as a Lean Process Engineer.”

-Member “aims35″

“Great format! I have seen and used other A-3’s but find this one to be easier to understand and manipulate…Thanks and glad I found your website”

-Member “MonteWright”

“Great A3 options. I really like the choices as each organization will pick what size sheet (form) works for them. Easy explanation of the A3 too. Thanks for the simplicity, that’s why I utilize Velaction dot com so much!

-Member “Jay Watson”

“These definitions are very helpful, especially when you are looking for a quick refresher. The discussions really help in the details!”

-Member “tweber”

“I appreciate having access to all this free information to help in preparation for the Black Belt course, plus be a resource afterward. Thanks Velaction for offering this.”

-Member “Mr. Bach”

“I am very appreciative of your website and products. This is one of the best resources I have found for customizable lean materials. I came to this site originally for Policy Deployment training materials – and have found that and a lot more.”

-Member “darmfield”

“Thank you very much Jeff, for creating such wonderful material, which will be a reference for many people.. a lot to learn..”

-Member “sriniurfriend82″




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    27 Improvement Forms and Tools

    We have a growing number of Lean forms and tools to help you succeed at your continuous improvement efforts. Most are available to guests as a PDF file, but the most flexible formats are reserved for registered users.

    Download Continuous Improvement Terms on PDF

    A Downloadable Reference Guide
    (50+ PDF Terms / 400+ Pages)

    The Continuous Improvement Companion is a unique, online reference tool chock full of great information. We offer a portable format, PDF files, for you to use to build your own desktop reference guide. It currently has 30 terms and around 200 pages of great content.

    Download Continuous Improvement Articles on PDF

    22 Shareable Improvement Articles on PDF

    The Gotta Go Lean blog has produced hundreds of articles over the years. Some are short and to the point. Some are focused on a current event. We even do book reviews and podcasts. But many of the articles are also extensive works about a continuous improvement topic. We have packages some of the best into PDF files for our members.

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