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Marketing: Lean and Your Brand

I was freshening up my draft of the brand entry for The Continuous Improvement Companion (click this link to go to its online Lean Dictionary), and thought it would make a good, quick post for the Gotta Go Lean blog.

What came to mind? The fact that most people don’t immediately associate Lean with marketing. Lean, in truth, can have a tremendous impact on your brand.

A huge part of the strength of a brand is the perception that customers have about a product or service. Lean can change their view. For example:

  • 5S gives a good impression of a company. Think about the department stores and groceries that you have visited recently. The ones that look neat and orderly can command a higher price on the products they sell.
  • Quality is a byproduct of standardization. When processes are regularly improved, products get progressively better. What do you think about a company when the product you buy breaks? Even small cosmetic flaws can erode confidence in a brand.
  • Lead times come down. When companies can fill orders quickly, their stock rises in the eyes of their customers. But many customers reconsider their relationship with a company that keeps them waiting for products.

The list could go on, but hopefully I’ve made my point about marketing. Lean has an impact far beyond the walls of your company.


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