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Management, Lean, and Leadership Skills

Management, Lean, and leadership skills are essential to Lean success, both for you personally, and for your company.

Consider this page a signpost to help you pick some tools to help you develop your Lean management and leadership skills.

  1. The Continuous Improvement Companion is the backbone of our training resources. Many of our training products build off this free tool, and our articles link to many of the terms to provide clarification on Lean subjects. ‘The Companion’ contains:
    1. A downloadable continuous improvement reference guide. Our enhanced terms are available as Lean PDF files to print and add to your guide. Each enhanced term contains a ‘Notes for Leaders’ section specifically for management. Lean information in a way that works for you! (We’ve even prepared The Companion Starter Kit for your convenience.)
    2. An online Lean Dictionary. Some of the terms specifically address Lean management issues; many of the general terms also include specific points for Lean leaders.
  2. Our Lean Book, Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean? It’s a Lean guide to get management and employees on the same sheet of music.
  3. The whole site is intended to provide How To” Lean training and information. This link brings you to our homepage where you can orient yourself to what we offer.
  4. We provide our Gotta Go Lean Blog, and our Maximize Your Lean Success Newsletter—at no charge—to keep you current on Lean management topics.

Good Luck on Your Lean Management Journey!


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