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Lean Training System > Enterprise Pack (Digital Edition)

Lean Training System Enterprise Pack
(Download Edition)


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If you are interested in building a continuous improvement training program, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than our Lean Training System. It takes a modular approach to continuous improvement, letting you select just the topics that match your specific needs.

But our system goes even further than that. We also provide an assortment of components for each module. Our student guides, quizzes, forms & tools, PDFs, audio training, and exercises complement the core PowerPoint packages to let you customize your team’s training experience.

While you can buy products à la carte, you’ll save when you get them in a bundle. Our enterprise packs, both this digital one and the full pack with DVDs and other training options, offer the best value by far. If you don’t need the DVDs, this pack is the one for you. You’ll get all of the contents via downloadable zip files that you can add to your training library in minutes.

Product Details

This package contains:

  • PowerPoint Classes: 34
  • Student Guides: 28
  • Training Exercises: 3
  • Lean Audio Terms: 16
  • Lean Audio Articles: 6
  • Lean Forms & Tools: 27
  • Lean Terms on PDF: 49
  • Articles on PDF: 22
  • Lean Tutorials: 2
  • Lean Quizzes: 4

General Information

  • Latest Update: 10/31/2013
  • Delivery: Immediate download

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Product Description

The contents of this bundle include several types of training components.

Corporate Licensed Products

In a nutshell, you can post these products to you servers and share them throughout your organization.


Student Guides



Individually Licensed Products

The following products come with individual licenses. This generally means that you may keep one copy that cannot be duplicated or distributed. You may, however, play the MP3’s for a group as long as the file is not shared.

Lean Audio Terms

Lean Audio Articles


    Convenience Packs

    The following products are available on our site for registered users, and are included in a consolidated file for your convenience. Forms & Tools may be modified and shared on your internal servers. Article and Term PDFs may be distributed via print or email, but may not be stored on your network.

    LTS Articles

    Note: Not all articles are listed here. See the total number you will receive in the product details section above.

    Lean Terms

    Forms & Tools

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