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Lean Training System > DVD Training > LTS DVD Complete Value Pack

Lean Training System Complete DVD Pack
(Contains 20 Titles)


Regular Price: $499.82

Bundle Price: $199 ($169 w/ economy packaging)

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Video Info

Watch this video, or visit the individual DVD pages for more previews.


We have a long and growing, list of DVD titles in our Lean Training System. This DVD Pack provides you with a convenient way to get them all at once.

  • Invest in Yourself

If you look at the most successful people around you, you’ll notice one common thread. They invest in themselves. Whether time or money, they recognize that getting better and achieving the things that they want out of their job, and out of life, aren’t handed to them. This DVD pack cuts down on the time you would have to spend to gain some skills that can make a noticeable difference in how you do your job.

  • Invest in Your Team

The success of your team, and ultimately you as a leader, comes from the cumulative effect of the skills of everyone in the group. This DVD pack helps your team add to the skills they need to make it easier for you to guide them to where the company is heading. Invests a bit of money in this library, and watch the returns as your team tears down the barriers that are holding them back.

Why Buy

There are many reasons to buy this DVD pack. It is unlike any other DVD library available.

  • Unrivalled Value

If you value substance more than flash, you’ve come to the right place. We want to make Lean accessible to everyone, so we keep our production costs down to pass the savings on to you. Don’t take our word for it that you don’t need Hollywood style DVDs to gain useful skills. Spend a few minutes watching our previews and you’ll see that the only impact our training is missing is on your budget.

  • Extreme Integration

Other DVDs stand alone. Ours are part of a family, the Lean Training System. Whether you are learning on your own or teaching your team, you have access to far more than just DVDs. Get extensive terms on PDF and over 25 forms, including those featured in the videos, for free. Add in optional PowerPoint presentations (the ones used in the DVDs), student guides, and training exercise, and you’ll unleash limitless potential for success.

  • High Versatility

The nature of the DVDs in our system makes them extremely versatile. Watch them for self-paced learning. Give them to a kaizen team for just-in-time training.  Use them for make-up or refresher training. Because the training packages match the DVDs, you’ll be certain that all of your team is getting a consistent message. With a system this powerful, you won’t be limited in how you use the DVDs.

  • Unbounded Portability

While there are a lot of benefits to having streaming video, DVDs still hold a useful place in a training library. Employees can watch them on their own time. Nearly everyone has a TV and DVD at home. Online videos might not be available outside of the workplace to all of your employees. But most computers have a DVD player, so you can still show video to an audience at work.

  • Continual (Affordable) Growth

We never stop producing new content. We’ve got upwards of a hundred classes planned, and have been making steady progress at releasing a variety of components in our Lean Training System. But don’t delay buying. We offer you a way to build your own bundle of classes for substantial savings, so your library can grow with ours.

General Information

Please note that this is an unusual product, as it will continually grow as we add DVDs to our product line. If you do not need all of the DVDs in this pack right now, you can also get DVD packs from each of our module groups (Lean Leadership, Lean 101, etc.). While this complete package offers the best ‘per DVD’ price, the module groups offer a more focused range of topics. See our product catalog for more information.

About Our DVDs

This package of DVDs contains a combination of our narrated presentations on DVD (high grade) and our recorded webinars (entry grade). Both contain great content, but the narrated presentations are far more polished than the recorded webinars. Please review the product description below to make sure you know what is included in this package and the grade of each DVD before you purchase.

Product Details

Economy Packaging available in cart.

Product Description

This package contains the following DVDs:

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