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Lean Survey: What would make the Lean community better?

Over the years as a member of the online continuous improvement community, I have had the pleasure of meeting several like-minded individuals. Each contact with them helps me refine my ideas and learn more, as well as reinvigorates me in what I do.

Recently, I’ve gotten involved in a series of conversations with a small group of those individuals. One of the topics we’ve been discussing is what was missing from the Lean community, and what we could do about it. Being a group that practices what we preach, we decided to avoid sitting around talking about something that could be measured.

So, we put together a brief survey about what you think would make the Lean community more valuable. And since we know your time is limited, we thought it might be a good idea to bribe you with a freebie to say thanks for investing a few minutes to help us out. It’s got a few of my items in there, as well as materials from Matt Wrye (Beyond Lean) and Chad Walters (Lean Blitz Consulting). The URL for the free content is at the top of the survey.

Thanks in advance for letting us know what you think!

Click here to answer the survey.


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