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Gotta Go Lean Podcast: Where Is Lean Useful?

I’m finding myself quickly growing more comfortable in front of a microphone talking about Lean. It helps that I love the topic, and could talk about it for days.

This podcast contains my thoughts about where Lean can be useful. The idea came to me while I was at a coffee shop getting my caffeine fix. The barista who served me had left a few critical items off the order she had placed and the owner was making a repeated trips to stock up on the missing items. It was something that could clearly have been avoided with a kanban system.

I also had a conversation a few days ago with a young man who was in financial services sales, and had some thoughts about how Lean could have helped him out.

I hope you enjoy this presentation. It runs a bit over 8 minutes.

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After listening, please let me know in the comments section if you can think of any other unusual applications for Lean outside of the more mainstream branches (manufacturing, office, healthcare, government).


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