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Lean Terms on PDF

Learn about our Lean Terms on PDF.

Many of our Lean Dictionary terms (part of The Continuous Improvement Companion) come with a Lean PDF.

Download a single Lean PDF file to brush up on a term while waiting for a plane, or get them all to keep a handy Lean reference guide on your desk or in a kaizen room.

You can even print out copies for the whole audience of a class you might be teaching. We don’t limit the distribution of these Lean PDF files! Make as many copies as you need.

In addition to our Lean terms, we also offer a variety of free Lean PDF forms & Tools.

Our Full List of Lean Terms on PDF.


Our Lean PDF directory…

  • 1/3 – 2/3 Planning Rule (+ 2-Page PDF)

    1/3 - 2/3 Planning Rule Lean Term on PDF

    It is important to strike a balance in how much time is allowed for senior leaders to make a plan and for junior leaders to execute it. The 1/3 – 2/3 Planning Rule is a rule of thumb for allocating the time available for projects.

  • 11 “C’s” of Lean Leadership (+ 5-Page Lean PDF)

    11 C's of Lean Leadership Term on PDF

    The 11 C’s of Lean Leadership provides a mnemonic device you can use to look at a the characteristics of a leader. Review this term online, or download a FREE 5-Page PDF on the 11 C’s of Lean Leadership.

  • 5 Whys (+6-Page Lean PDF +Video +MP3 +Form)

    The 5 Whys Lean Term on PDF

    The 5 Whys is a simple problem solving tool that helps you get to the root cause of a problem. Watch a short video, and download a FREE 6-Page PDF on the 5 Whys.

  • 5S (+14 Page Lean PDF, +11 Minute Video)

    5S Lean Term on PDF

    An organized, well-designed workplace improves efficiency. A great workplace, goes well beyond simply putting things in designates locations. Visit this Lean term page to learn more and download a FREE 14-Page PDF about 5S.

  • A3 Thinking (+14-Page Lean PDF +Video +MP3 +Form)

    A3 Thinking Lean Term on PDF

    A3 Thinking is a focused, structured problem solving methodology. Watch a short video, and download a FREE 14-Page PDF on A3 Thinking.

  • Andon (+7-min MP3, +6-Page PDF)

    Andon Lean Term on PDF

    Making a workplace visual is an important part of continuous improvement. Andon lights are one method of providing visual warnings that drive action.

  • Better, Not Perfect (+ 5-Page Lean PDF)

    Better, Not Perfect Lean Term on PDF

    When resources are limited, getting better is more important than becoming perfect. It takes a lot of resources to get close to perfection, and most companies still have a lot of other opportunities in areas that are not yet even good. Allocate resources wisely.

  • Cause and Effect / Fishbone Diagram (+ 11-Page Lean PDF, + Video, + Form)

    Cause and Effect (Fishbone) Diagram Lean Term on PDF

    Effective problem solving requires an arsenal of tools. The cause and effect diagram is an effective way to sort through the chaos and see what is really causing your problems. Visit this Lean term page to learn more and download a FREE 11-Page PDF about fishbone diagrams.

  • Change Management (+ 9-Page Lean PDF)

    Change Management Lean Term on PDF

    Making improvements, by definition, requires change. Since most people find change very challenging, change management is an essential skill for leaders to have in any Lean organization.

  • Checklists (+ 9-Page Lean PDF)

    Checklists Lean Term on PDF

    Checklists are a quick, effective way to improve a process. There are pitfalls to using checklists, though. Visit this Lean term page to learn more and download a FREE 9-Page PDF about using checklists effectively.

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