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Lean Office Training Module Group


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Group Overview

While Lean was initially developed in shop floor production environments, it has since become a staple in administrative workplaces as well. This training group provides several modules that are specific to the Lean Office environment.

Note that the majority of the classes in the other module groups can apply to the Lean office as well as to the shop floor environment. The reverse is less true. This Lean office training addresses some of the nuances and special considerations for administrative settings that are not applicable to the shop floor.  For that reason, this module group is intended to augment the other groups, and is not a stand-alone Lean office training package.

Extended Listing of Modules in this Group

  • Lean Office Overview Training Module

    Though it originated on the shop floor, Lean is also effective in office, administrative, and service environments. This class discusses how Lean can improve office operations, what a Lean office looks like, how to manage demand in the Lean office, and how the Lean office is different than the shop floor.

Planned Modules for this Group

Creating Flow in the Lean Office

Learn the basics of how to make work flow more quickly through the Lean office.

Fundamentals of Value Stream Mapping In the Office

Value stream mapping is more challenging in the office than on the shop floor for a variety of reasons. Learn how to master the art of documenting the flow of work from start to finish.

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