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Lean Office Flow Exercise Licensing Form

Thank you for purchasing a license for our Lean Office Flow Exercise. If you have not purchased a license already, please visit our Lean office simulation product page.

In summary, there are three versions of license.

  1. A site license permits use of the training materials at a single physical address. It may not be used to train others for a fee (i.e. internal training of employees and vendors only).
  2. A corporate license allows training at any of the organization’s location. An organization is defined as a reporting entity, usually with its own president. For example, a large company with several presidents running divisions would need a license for each president. Again, no fees may be charged for the training.
  3. A consultant license is for use by a single person to train others at any location. This license allows the collection of fees for the training. The licensed consultant must be physically present for the training, though other unlicensed consultants may assist in the simulation. Note that this license is for an individual and is non-transferable. It does not license all trainers at a company to use the exercise.

The training kits are customized with your licensing information on them. Please fill out the appropriate information below for the license you purchased, and we will prepare your simulation for digital delivery. We are normally able to provide the simulation to you within 24-48 hours.

Lean Office Flow Simulation Licensing Form

* Indicates a required field

General Information for All Licenses (REQUIRED SECTION)

* First Name:

* Last Name:

* Company:

* Order ID:

* Email for File Delivery:

* Re-Enter Email:

Phone Number:

How would you prefer to be contacted for licensing questions?
Please fill out only the section below that matches the license you purchaed. We would also appreciate if you would fill out the optional general information section at the bottom. (Note: Leaving information under your licensing option blank may result in a delay.)

OPTION 1: Site License

Please enter the physical address (of a single building) you want embedded into your Lean Office Flow Exercise.

Street Address Line 1:

Street Address Line 2:



ZIP Code / Postal Code:

Country: (Not all services are available in all countries.)

If 'Other' for country or province, please specify.

OPTION 2: Corporate License

Does your organization operate as a separate reportintg entity?

Does your company have more than one president? (i.e. separate business unit or division presidents)

Licensed Organziation's President (Please enter first and last name.):

Name of organziation as you want it to appear in the exercise:

Company Website:

OPTION 3: Consultant License

Consultant's name as you would like it to appear on the license:

Consultanting Company Name:

Do you want the company name included witht the consultant's name on the license?

General Information (Optional for all license types)

How big is your company?

How spread out is your company?

Which sector best describes your company?

If 'Other', please specify.

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