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Lean Leadership Training Module Group


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Group Overview

Continuous Improvement, whether it is in the form of Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, or some other methodology, does not happen without strong, effective leadership. Our Lean Leadership Training Module Group provides instruction on an array of topics that can help you develop the leaders of the future in your organization (even if that leader is you!).

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Bundles from this Group

    Extended Listing of Modules in this Group

    • A3 Thinking, Fundamentals of, Training Module

      Learn how to use the A3 process to solve problems. This systematic way of thinking and communicating helps build a consensus around a solution.

    • Change Management Training Module

      Change Management

      Every project results in change, no matter how minor. Effective change management can improve the odds of that the change will be a positive one.

    • Countermeasures Training Module

      Countermeasures are the actions taken when an abnormal condition is recognized, or a team is falling short of its key performance indicators (KPIs). It is a simplified version of the A3 report.

      This class explains why, when, and how to do countermeasures. A hands-on training from the “Late to Work” training scenario is available.

    • Daily Management Training Module

      Daily management is a structured approach to managing daily operations–the work that keeps businesses humming along.

      This module provides an overview of what daily management is, why it is important, its components, and the steps to do effective daily management.

    • Lean Management Overview Training Module

      Effective Lean management requires structure. This module explains how several Lean leadership tools and processes fit together to an environment in which continuous improvement can thrive.

    • Metrics, Managing With, Training Module

      Companies that embrace Lean principles know that to make steady improvement, processes must be measured. But there is an emotional burden on people that comes with having a metrics-driven organization.

      This module covers not only the use of metrics to drive substantial gains in an organization, but also teaches leaders how to use measurements in a way that does not cause a rift between them and their teams. 

    • Policy Deployment Training Module

      Policy Deployment is the leadership system that transforms strategy from ideas to actions. It entails a step-by-step process of cascading long term vision into actionable tasks to be done by frontline teams.

    • Value Stream Mapping Overview Training Module

      Value stream mapping helps leaders get a high level view of their operation. This perspective helps them focus their improvements on the things that will have the biggest impact on the overall flow. Learn more in this Lean Training System module.

    Planned Modules for this Group

    Auditing and Observing Processes

    Learn how to observe and audit a process to make sure it is performing as well as it should be. This class places a special emphasis on separating the person from the process.

    Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture

    Learn the basics about how to develop a culture that wants to improve. Lean requires more than just providing teams with the tools to succeed. Teams need to be inspired to use the tools.

    Goal Setting

    Learning how to set and communicate challenging goals is a critical task in Lean. Establish the wrong goals, and you waste resources. Set goals too low, and your team develops too slowly and you miss opportunities. Set them too high, and the team gets discouraged.

    Leader Standard Work

    This class teaches managers how to structure their day and eliminate Lean leadership wastes (Commitment, Competence, Connections, and Communication).

    Lean Leadership

    Leading in a Lean environment is demanding, and requires different skills and techniques than leading in traditional environments. This class provides insight into ways to effectively build a Lean culture that is focused on improving.

    Training Teams

    Transferring skills to teams can be challenging. Learn how to plan and conduct effective training that keeps teams engaged, and more importantly, helps them retain knowledge.

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