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Lean Service

What is ‘Lean Service’?

Lean service is the application of continuous improvement in customer facing operations. Regardless of whether a company is in a service industry or not, it still has to interact with its customers.

Lean service can help.

Lean service principles can help you serve your customers faster, better, and with a lower cost.

The basic Lean tools still apply in Lean service.

  • 5S helps your team operate more effectively. Plus it has the added benefit of strengthening your image in the eyes of your customers. A well-organized office confirms a customer’s choice in their mind; a disorganized one makes them second guess themselves.
  • Standardization ensures the consistency that customers crave. Imagine if every store in a fast food chain prepared the food differently, or if every page on a website looked like it was created by a different person. Customers would question whether they made the right choice. Plus standard processes deliver higher quality and are generally cheaper than ones with excessive variation.
  • Lean service benefits from poka yokes and other forms of built-in quality. One of Lean’s unsung benefits is how much it improves quality in an organization. It makes customers happier, and reduces your costs of poor quality.

The list could continue, but the point is that with some small adjustments, the Lean tools work great in a service environment.

Let us help you improve your Lean service operations so you can serve your customers better.

We know choosing a company to help you implement Lean service is a decision you absolutely must get right. We’ve posted a great deal of our knowledge on our site to help make your decision easier. Take a look around to confirm that we have the skills and expertise to help you out. And then contact us at Info@Velaction.com or 1.800.670.5805 to get more information.

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