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The Lean Office

Why Make a Lean Office?

There are many estimates as to how much of a company’s costs come from shop floor production, and how much comes from administrative and office functions. Regardless of what the split actually is, it is clear that the Lean office presents a large, profitable opportunity for companies to improve their operations.

What is the Lean Office?

The Lean office breaks from traditional mindsets and looks at how to make work flow better, generally by reducing waste and focusing on how the customer perceives value.

How Can We Help You Create a Lean Office?

We offer a wide range of training to help your team embrace the Lean tools.

We help you look at your value stream to understand how your work could flow better.

We help you streamline your processes to serve your customers faster and with higher quality, all while reducing your costs.

We help you manage your Lean office’s demand. Office work doesn’t ‘keep’ like manufacturing work does. You might even have less than a few minutes to answer a phone without losing a customer. Plus, unlike the shop floor, you can’t start working until the demand actually arrives.

Look at our Lean consulting options, email us at Info@Velaction.com, or call us at 1.800.670.5805 for more information.

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