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The Lean eBook Like No Other

Want a great, free Lean eBook? Download The Continuous Improvement Companion now.

Get the Lean eBook like no other.

  1. It is growing. We are constantly adding new terms to it. As of September, 2012, it has 38 terms totaling 295 pages, plus 26 forms and tools to go with it.
  2. It is a customizable eBook. You can download only the parts you want. You can even create targeted versions for specific functions. Make one for leaders, one for kaizen team members, and one comprehensive one for your corporate library.
  3. It is a free Lean eBook. The Continuous Improvement Companion is how the majority of our customers find us. They love the free content we offer, and use it as the foundation for our premium Lean Training System. That means it has to be high quality to win people over.
  4. It is extensive. There’s not much out there that can compete with our Lean eBook.  We pack years of knowledge into these pages, and focus on the application of the term to continuous improvement. You’ll find more than just the standard Lean buzzwords here.
  5. We break each term into sections to make it easy to find the information you need. It makes the reading easier, and helps you zero in on important points.

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