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"Y" Terms
from The Continuous Improvement Companion

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  • Yellow Belt

    A “Yellow Belt” designates that a person has been trained to participate in a Six Sigma project. In some rare instances, you may also see the yellow belt used in the Lean community.

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  • Yield

    Yield is a quality ratio. It is calculated by dividing the number good pieces of work by the number of pieces of work started, and is expressed as a percent. If a process starts work on 100 items, for example, and 92 make it off the end of the assembly line, the yield is 92%.

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  • Yokoten

    Yokoten is a Japanese term that loosely translates into “horizontal deployment.” Essentially, it is the spreading of information across the organization. A key point to this is that it is not just the result that is shared, but also the process that led to the result.

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