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"Q" Terms
from The Continuous Improvement Companion

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  • QCD / Quality, Cost, Delivery (+ 5-Page Lean PDF)

    QDC Lean Term on PDF

    Metrics are vital to Lean operations. Many organizations use QDC (Quality, Delivery, Cost) to categorize their goals. Visit this Lean term page to learn more and download a FREE 6-Page PDF about using QDC to organize metrics in Lean operations.

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  • Quality

    In Lean, quality is often considered to be ‘good parts’. That is important because quality parts are a necessary condition to create flow.

    Quality has several different applications.

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  • Queue Time

    Queue time is a very specific form of waiting, one of the traditional seven wastes. It occurs when a person or item is in line behind something else, and is waiting for the same resource.

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  • Queueing Theory

    Lines are a fact of life. They result from a company trying to keep the costs of providing its services in check in the face of fluctuations in customer demand. With enough resources to handle spikes, companies never make customers wait. Of course profit would drop significantly, because employees would be idle much of the time. On the other hand, if the company staffs for the average demand, they won’t have enough resources to cover the busy periods. During those times, customers end up waiting in long lines.

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