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Is There Value in Lean Certification?

Take the Lean Certification Survey.

The Lean community learns a lot from each other. Two forward thinkers that I follow pretty regularly are Mark Graban of LeanBlog.org and Ron Pereira of LSSAcademy.com.

A little while ago, Mark posted an article on Lean certifications, and mentioned that he was biased against them. Ron has the opposite viewpoint. He mentioned that he had even gotten some job interviews because of his certification.

What was really surprising, though, was the flood of comments on the topic—over 50 as I write this. People seem to have a very strong opinion on the subject.

So I thought I’d put together an informal survey on the subject to consolidate those opinions. The survey wouldn’t hold up in court—it doesn’t take any hard data on results, and doesn’t look at a person’s career before and after certification. (You’d expect a career to take off after certification if there was value to it.)

The survey also fails to assess whether the characteristics that drive a person to get certified are the same characteristics that drive Lean success (i.e. certification and success may be correlated without causation).

What this survey does do, though, is takes a preliminary look at how the Lean community perceives the value of a Lean certification.

There are only a few questions in the survey. Take it as often as you like—once for each Lean professional you have worked with.

Click this link to take the short Lean certification survey.

Thanks for participating in this little Lean experiment.


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