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Lean Articles of Interest: 7/13/2010 (Sports Edition)

This week’s articles of interest focus on sports news…

  • The first article highlights the need to think through all of the consequences of an action. Usain Bolt, the current world record holder in the 100 meter dash, has opted out of a race in England due to tax laws. He would have lost money by competing, as it would have opened up his endorsement contracts to British taxes.
  • There is an interesting article about predicting success of quarterbacks in the NFL. It will remain to be seen if the chosen metric simply fits past data, or if it will actually work looking forward.
  • Peter King, a writer for Sports Illustrated, has had several guest writers this summer. One is an NFL great running back, Maurice Drew-Jones. He talks about the element that separates good NFL players from great ones. His key ingredient is ‘want to’, which also applies to continuous improvement. Also of note, Drew-Jones is a frontline employee. It always adds insight to get the thoughts of the people actually doing the job you are working on.
  • Along the same lines, Eric Winston, another NFL player, gives some ideas for improving the NFL. Always nice to see frontline employees trying to make changes.


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