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Lean 101 Training Module Group


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Group Overview

Building a strong Lean organization requires a solid foundation. Our Lean 101 Module Group contains the classes you need to create the base upon which a strong continuous improvement culture can be built.

Lean 101 modules tend to focus on principles and concepts rather than on the use of specific tools. Because of the general nature of these classes, unless specifically noted, they are applicable on both the shop floor and in the Lean office.

Bundles from this Group

    Extended Listing of Modules in this Group

    • Lean Overview Training Module

      This overview presentation establishes the case for Lean, and explains how many of the principles of Lean are common sense. It is intended as an orientation to Lean for an organization in transition, or for new hires into a Lean company.

    • Metrics, Working With, Training Module

      Many people are used to results-oriented metrics. Grades in high school, for example, are a measure of an outcome. In Lean, process metrics are also used. These measures the activities that link to desired outcomes. Measuring the number of interruptions during study time, or the number of hours spent in the library are examples of process oriented metrics for grades.

      Generally, people are unaccustomed to that level of process scrutiny. This module covers identifying process metrics, how much measurement is enough, and how employees can adjust to being measured.

    • Quality Overview Training Module

      Quality is critical to the success of an organization, but teams often have only a limited understanding of how to achieve it.

      This module looks at various definitions of quality, how it affects operations, how to measure it, and how to improve it.

    • Standardization Training Module

      Whether in the office or on the shop floor, standardization stabilizes a process, ensures everyone is doing it the same way, and provides a basis for improvement. This module discusses the importance of standardization to Lean, different methods of standardization, and how standardization can affect job satisfaction.

    • Value / Non Value-Added Lean Training Module

      Understanding the concept of value-added and non value-added work helps focus teams on doing only those processes that improve the customer’s experience. This short module looks at what value-added work is, how to recognize it, and who defines it.

    • Waste Identification Training Module

      Improving the flow of a process requires the identification and elimination of waste. This class teaches teams how to recognize waste and how to categorize it. It also covers the use of the waste recording form.

    Planned Modules for this Group

    Creating Flow

    Reducing waste in Lean is intended to improve flow. Learn the principles of making materials move through an operation without stopping.

    Lean at Home: Everything You Need to Know About Lean You Can Learn At Home

    Lean can be an intimidating concept. Being taught with familiar examples makes it much easier to grasp the concepts, as well as to buy in to them.

    Lean Fundamentals

    A great orientation class, this module presents an overview of the Lean philosophy and the tools that support it.

    The Lean House

    An icon in Lean circles, the Lean house shows how the pieces of Lean fit together. Learn how to build your own Lean structure in your organization.

    Voice of the Customer (Overview)

    This class covers what the “Voice of the Customer” is, how you can hear it, how to interpret what the customer is saying, and what to do with the information.

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