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Knowledge Management (Part 2)

Tell us about knowledge management in your company.

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While Velaction does not offer any knowledge management training at this time, we do offer a comprehensive Lean Training System that provides a great foundation for building a corporate university.

  1. Assign an owner for the knowledge management system. Few things work well if there is not a single individual with whom the buck stops.
  2. Do a thorough assessment of current knowledge management tools and practices. Most companies have some form of knowledge management, even if it is not formalized.
  3. Pilot a knowledge management program. It can either be for a specific work area or for a specific field (i.e. continuous improvement). The goal here is to develop robust processes for all of the steps described in the discussion section.
  4. Roll out the program throughout the company. This includes training employees, both new and old, on the system.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Develop a corporate university. Ultimately, a company should have an internal program for training its teams, but it does take time and effort, which can dilute focus. A corporate university is optional because other choices are available, but training and education should both be part of a knowledge management system.

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