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Kaizen Event (Part 2)

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How are kaizen events used in your company?

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Because kaizen events combine a variety of skills and tools, a well-rounded education plan is essential. We recommend starting with our problem solving DVDs, or, if you want to bite off a little more, try the complete DVD pack. Both are available at www.Velaction.com.

  1. Find a skilled facilitator to start developing a team of experienced employees. This can be a consultant or a permanent hire. Your choice depends on the size of your company and your commitment to Lean.
  2. Develop a kaizen event calendar. This prevents you from overloading the company with projects. There is a saturation point where kaizen activity overwhelms an organization. The actual number depends on the size of your organization. Start with enough events on the calendar for each person to have the opportunity to be on at least one or two event per year. Divide the headcount divided by 6 (average kaizen team size) and multiply by 1.5 for a decent number of events for the first year. The number of events should rise over time. For best results, link your kaizen plan with your policy deployment, metrics/KPIS, and daily management.
  3. Plan your first kaizen event. You can use our kaizen checklist to help keep you from missing important steps.
  4. Conduct a kaizen event. Repeat. (Let us know at info@velaction.com if you need kaizen support.)
  5. Review your results. This is not just about hitting the goals in the event. It is about reviewing the whole kaizen process. The better you refine it in your company and the easier a kaizen event is to plan, the more likely people will be to take them on.

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