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Job Shop (Part 2)

Velaction offers an extensive line of improvement DVDs as part of our Lean training system. These are recorded PowerPoint presentations, which allow us to pack in the information without adding a lot of cost.

Every organization will have different needs and should adjust these steps accordingly. There can be some risk associated with a Lean transition. Take care to prevent disruptions that impact customers.

  1. Create Lean leadership structure. (Policy deployment, KPIs, Operations Reviews)
  2. Develop data collection / problem solving skills.
  3. Organize workplace (5S).
  4. Develop a SMED expert and create a SMED workshop with resources for implementing setup reduction.
  5. Create a resource team devoted to supporting waste reduction.
  6. Track deviation from plan and work on eliminating the sources of the errors.
  7. Focus improvement efforts on the back office (Lean office) operations. Pay special attention to purchasing and the bid process.
  8. Analyze demand and look for ways to smooth out the workload. Make sure the sales force is aligned with the job shop. Specifically, make sure there is no incentive to batch sales at the end of the month.

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